Noelia Mora Solvez (CAT), Christoffer Brenke (NO) and Andreas Constantinou (UK)

Åbningsdato: 8. april 2021

Displacement is a photo and sound installation created explicitly for Under64. This work warps and subtly changes the expressive walls of the exhibition space, at the same time that it warps and bends the poem the audiences are continuously listening to.

Displacement it´s a site specific installation that the audience needs to experience in the space.

Our inspiration comes from our experience of living and developing our lives in a foreign country, and the fine line that we continuously walk of belonging/not belonging, that enhances an awareness of difference. Or the experience of entering another subculture (even in your home land or city), a subculture that sometimes is difficult to make head or tails.


Andreas Constantinou (UK) is the artistic director of HIMHERANDIT productions, the creator of the Aarhus based GENDERhouse Festival, and an acclaimed choreographer with several Reumer nominations.

Christoffer Brenke (NO) is a visual artist with speciality in video and photography. He is one of the creative members of the acclaimed dance company DON GNU, often collaborates with HIMHERANDIT and many of the theater and dance projects happening in Aarhus and Germany.

Noelia Mora Solvez (CAT) works with video and performance, and has exhibited her works both in DK ( ARoS, Aarhus Kunsthal, Den Frie,Janus Bygning, KH7 etc, but also internationally (Norway, Finland, Barcelona, Argentina)


DISPLACEMENT is supported by Aarhus Kommune Kulturudviklingspuljen and Under 64.